Understand your water rights.

Civil Resources has extensive experience in providing water rights analysis and planning. Typically, we begin with a consumptive-use analysis for the designated property and prepare an engineering report based on historic consumptive use, irrigation efficiency, cropping rotation, soil type, and any other physical characteristics of the site. We then manage any opposing cases, negotiation, and water court, if necessary.

  • Change-of-Use Cases
  • Likely Yield Assessments
  • Substitute Water Supply Plans (approved by the state, temporary change of use)
  • Municipal Water Rights Planning
water rights


Increase and improve water storage.

Faced with high demand for water and limited natural reservoirs for water storage, communities and irrigators along the Front Range need cost-effective dams and reservoirs to sustain their water usage.

Civil Resources designs cost-efficient improvements in compliance with the Office of the State Engineer’s “Rules and Regulations” to improve or enlarge existing dams and also designs new reservoirs. We apply up-to-date technologies and design tools to view, complete, and present project designs.

  • New dams
  • Field investigations
  • Slope Liner Design and Investigation
  • Geotechnical Investigations for Aggregate, Dams and Water Storage
  • Spillway evaluations
  • Improvement design
  • Outlet pipe replacement
  • Bidding and construction engineering
  • Permitting


Protect, control and resolve water rights issues.

Groundwater issues such as high groundwater tables, water rights conflicts, groundwater depletion and lag effect on rivers, can often be problematic for constructors and developers. Civil Resources provides groundwater risk assessment and groundwater modeling to resolve these issues before they become an obstacle to your project.

  • Well Augmentation Plans
  • Water Impact Evaluations
  • Dewatering Permits
canals and water control


Maximize water resources and features while minimizing maintenance.

Open channels convey raw water for most municipalities and agricultural enterprises in Colorado.

Civil Resources’ design of control systems facilitates accurate measurement and water allocation, reducing water loss in the system so that state water commissioners can more accurately deliver and measure the feeds to each system.

We understand the unique design and operation criteria of the infrastructure related to canals and ditches. We frequently perform on projects involving capacity, lining, piping, seepage, realignment, and enlargement studies and financial evaluations of canal structures. Headgates, river and inline diversion and check structures, measuring flumes and meters along with bank stability, and road crossings have all been evaluated, designed, permitted, and constructed under the supervision of our staff.

Civil Resources delivers quality, economical options for water rights work including solutions for water delivery structures and engineering services for water rights change-of-use.
– Randy Ray, District Manager, Central Colorado Water Conservancy District